Nov. 3, 2012

What Obama Has Done, Not What He Says -- Matters

By Ed Pozzuoli

America is at a critical crossroads, and Obama just doesn’t get it.

Having steered the U.S. economy into a ditch that he created given his unfortunate reprise of big government spending and big regulation liberalism last in vogue in the 1930s, President Obama—remarkably—is asking voters for another term. Unfortunately, the problems created and worsened by our 44th President are far bigger than he is. Whom we elect in November will affect the course of our country, for better or worse, for decades to come. In 2008, candidate Obama was on the side of history and great promise. In 2012, history shows a trail of broken promises and gridlock that make President Obama appear small and wholly incapable of leading the American renewal we desperately need.

After four years in office, the President of the United States is offering us nothing more than slogans about binders, Romnesia, and taxing the rich. How sad and small. After four years of persistently high unemployment, Obama’s campaign pleas of new plans to address joblessness ring flat and hollow. Having controlled the House and Senate for the first two years of his Presidency, Obama could have passed any piece of legislation he wanted. The “hope and change” of his campaign turned into despair for those without a job.

Obama’s latest campaign plea for a voter lifeline comes to us in the form of a campaign brochure titled, “A Plan for Jobs and Middle-Class Security.” It is simply another false promise. Obama had a golden opportunity to promote American jobs through the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Instead, he made the disastrous decision to block its construction.

At a time when our moribund economy desperately needs bold, new projects with the potential to unleash hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs, what does Obama do? He pours the coldest of water on the pipeline project; his decision there provides all the evidence needed that his tune on energy exploration will change once re-elected. So instead of creating jobs, Obama pandered to the environmental lobby. The prospect of thousands of new jobs was destroyed by his small thinking and political folly.

It is Obama’s actions, not his speeches that matter.

In his newly printed “Plan” the president does call for opening millions of acres of federal land for oil exploration, even the mildly sentient should see this as the most transparent of Hail Mary passes that it is. Voters would be wise to take Obama’s new found “love” of energy with a big grain of salt, and instead look at his past actions. In other words, again, don’t look at what Obama says, look at what Obama does.

In addition to the Keystone debacle, Obama’s has repeatedly rewarded his friends in green energy, leaving the government in the inappropriate role of picking winners and losers. Clearly, the Obama administration picked losers, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of public monies on bankrupt companies like Solyndra. All of these choices have moved the chronically high unemployment needle exactly the opposite direction at a time when Americans are desperate to get back to work and get their families back on firmer financial footing. Americans cannot afford to be swayed by a nice speech and forget all of Obama’s disastrous actions during his term.

Looking at these poor choices in light of the ham-fisted way Obama foisted his health plan on a nation that didn’t want it, the substantial per-employee costs of Obamacare that will be borne by businesses will blunt their efforts to expand and hire new employees. Lest we forget, government mandated healthcare is a cost, and it’s an expensive one that weighs heavily on hiring.

Obama talks a good game about moving “Forward”, but if he were actually attuned to how economies grow, he would be celebrating the achievements of top earners and their small businesses. It is these small businesses that, through hard work and vision, move America forward economically. Obama’s false promises do not. Right now we need a leader who understands that we must encourage entrepreneurs to start companies, and to invest in other ambitious entrepreneurs. Instead, the message from Obama to our small business owners and entrepreneurs is that, if you take a risk on a new idea and provide the seed capital for a new business, your reward will be a higher tax bill. Obama’s small-minded and “backward” punishment of hard work and ambition is unsuited to the times in which we live.

Mitt Romney is the answer to our present economic anxiety and desperation. Possessing big ideas at a time when they’re in short supply in Washington, Romney has made a career of nursing sick businesses back to health and growing new ones. Now, more than ever, we need someone with his vision and experience who will remove the barriers to production that currently have our economy slowly sinking back into recession again.

Obama has had many, many chances to fix what ails us, yet over the past four years we’ve seen him shrink away from the problems he created. We need to change directions now before even more substantial damage to our great country is done. So, with revitalization of the economy in mind, it’s essential that we vote for real change of the growth variety into the White House on November 6th. Romney is the only responsible choice.

Ed Pozzuoli is the President of the law firm Tripp Scott in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Most recently, he served as a campaign advisor to Ambassador Jon Huntsman during the 2012 Republican Primaries.

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